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"When you show deep empathy toward others, their defensive energy goes down, and positive energy replaces it. That's when you can get more creative in solving problems."
Stephen Covey

Beyond Defensiveness into Creativity

Any organization experiencing a crisis with resource constraints can boost morale and performance by appealing to the workers’ sense of purpose and desire to contribute in a meaningful way.

Monetary incentives may not be required and sometimes may act as a disincentive. Any company struggling with depressed morale, fractured communication, an outmoded or broken business model, or unable to fulfill its potential for other internal or external reasons, confronts essentially the same set of problems – how to renew personnel investment in the mission and how to enhance staff’s commitment to the organization’s vision.

Positive Motivation For Change

One of the most overlooked change motivators is focusing on the positive. Too often, individuals within organizations become focused on limitations and what they can’t do, accomplish, or change.

This thinking limits potential and halts problem-solving and solution planning. But, when you infuse teams with a firm belief and core knowledge of what they can accomplish, they feel empowered and engaged.


In the end, the future of any evolving organization is subject to uncertainty. But by putting your organization on a path to regeneration and allowing your group to put their focus on “what we can do,” not “what we can’t do,” you can reinfuse your company with a renewed sense of mission, purpose, and relevance.

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Our Focus

Change Management

At Moments Count we view Change Management as more than a buzz term. It is future-visioned. It is the hands-on implementation of functional and core change that transforms the effectiveness of the team work required for an enterprise to accept change in the interest of operating more efficiently. Well-managed change increases buy-in and positive will all along the operational chain, from outside vendor to involved personnel all the way to the end-user, customer or client.

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Leadership Development

Research demonstrates when an enterprise invests in developing its leaders it can expect powerful outcomes and count on a significant competitive advantage in attracting, developing and retaining high quality talent. Developing leaders from within has shown to drive strategy execution, increase successful organizational change navigation, improve system-wide communication, generate self-awareness and attune recognition of impacts on others. Leaders who have the opportunity for enhanced development are more likely to volunteer for future leadership responsibilities, invite cross-boundary ideating, all while showing an openness to diverse perspective collaboration.

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Process Improvement

We identify, analyze and guide your company to advance your existing workflow optimizing operations to meet customers demand or internal quality measurements. When improvements in processes are enacted the effects extend to both the upstream and downstream flow within the organization. Recognizing, anticipating and preparing for the overall wake created by process improvement creates smoother transitions and positive employee engagement and morale.

Effective Communication

In a perfect world, your communication channels work together to reach and engage both employees and customers. In truth, disconnects happen. Moments Count energizes the potential of your organizational communication proactively engaging employees and clients alike. By analyzing your current internal communication vehicles and mapping a system that meets the needs of every stakeholder, no one is left out of necessary loops. When employees understand what matters, they realize the relevance of their roles, they feel connected, recognized, valued and mostly importantly they know how to succeed – the obvious result -your company thrives.

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Diversity, Inclusion, Belonging, Equity

Diversity training’s effectiveness is dependent on the specific training methods used. A cookie-cutter approach is not an effective mechanism and in fact, can back-fire and intensify dysfunction within an organization. Multiple factors must be considered: the personality characteristics of those who are to be trained, the overt and covert mechanisms at work in the culture of the organization and the specific outcomes and how they are measured. Moments Count tailors empirically supported exercises and activities to the history of your organization, your company’s goals and your employees’ real world experiences all in service to making your organization more welcoming, inclusive and collaborative. The strength of any organization lies in its ability to embrace the experiences and voices of all its stakeholders.

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Website & SEO Consulting

Your website is an asset if it attracts the right audience and converts those visitors into customers. We will review your website for design elements, page speed, automation and integration opportunities. We review your engagement profile to determine whether it matches the audience you want to attract. We will make recommendations for architectural and software changes. We will do complete background research into the primary keywords for your industry, products or practice areas and provide insights into your competitors’ behavior that might be advantageous to you. Moments Count website consulting services allow business to find areas to improve, make the right decisions and launch a successful project that will generate increased traffic, increase conversions, and push your website up in the rankings ​

Grant Writing, Grant Management, RFP Proposals

At one point or another, every business requires additional funding sources for startup or growth. And, for non-profit organizations, grants are often the basis of their survival. You will win more grant funding when your grant application fulfills all the grant requirements and gives an exciting picture of your organization and mission. We will craft a compelling narrative to explain the story, work, vision, and value your organization brings to the table. With over $100 Million in successful grants, Moments Count will effectively navigate the complex labyrinth of grant writing and RFP submissions. We will manage your grant applications from research to submission, including grant prospecting, proposal development, grant research, grant writing, grant management, accountability, and more, guiding your organization’s journey to funding success.

Our Trusted Partners

About Us

Brooke Sheldon

Brooke Sheldon, MS

Brooke Sheldon is an innovative change manager, author, speaker, social entrepreneur, researcher, and a psychotherapist.

Sheldon provides positive and solutions-based approaches to addressing thorny business issues while continuing to make smart investments.

With her creativity, diverse background, extensive history in change management and professional training in trauma adaptation, Sheldon brings singular qualifications to the job of tackling the unique problems and needs of your organization.

Brooke Sheldon holds an MS in the field of Psychology and taught at the college level for a decade. She is an entrepreneur who has owned and operated businesses in the areas of Psychology, Real Estate, Publishing, and Online Retail. She also hosted a long-running daily radio show focusing on news and current events.

Valli Keller is certified in ISO process facilitation and auditing as well as supply chain management.  She spent over 20 years as Global Logistics Director for one of the largest commercial laboratories in the US and was on the executive team that achieved ISO certification for the company. 

Keller is a highly collaborative and creative problem solver who believes that customers must always be kept front and center in any business planning process.  She has worked with national corporations and small companies alike helping them bring customer-centered process management ideals to the executive boardroom and front-line.

Valli Keller is a certified Myers Briggs Type Indicator instructor, certified grant writer, certified supply chain manager, web developer, publisher and outdoor enthusiast.

Valli Keller